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Make Each Dish Count

Put your food menu pics on PB&J and have people checking in to your restaurant to try out your unique creations. We make your dishes stand out in your area to attract newcomers to your dining establishment through our hyper local curated platform. If you don't already have a food photo gallery, not to worry, we'll help you create one.

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Post a dish on PB&J and we’ll have people JAM (connect) on it, helping it trend in your area. PB&J uses predictive data methods and machine learning to further boost engagement making it the most popular food item in your area.


Give people around your restaurant a truly wow experience. Download the app and fill out the details in the influencer form. Your influencer request will be approved within 24 hours and you can start uploading your food pics. To speak with us on how we can make your food pics stand out and create the most jams for them, please contact us at support@gopbj.com.

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Get the app & find your jam!