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How does PB&J work?
PB&J takes eating and dating to the next level. Discover tasty eats near you and connect with people who have similar tastes in food (from broad varieties of cuisine to very specific dishes). Swipe right on the eats that appeal to you, and you’ll be matched with people who like what you like. Peruse your Matches. When you and a Match both swipe right on each other, it’s a JAM! Find your Jam and start your culinary adventures together.
Is there an age requirement?
The minimum age requirement for PB&J is 18 years old.
Sign up as a User
To sign up as a User, login through your Facebook account to create a basic profile and start browsing food pics to discover tasty eats in your area. We find your Matches for you based on your taste in food and your location. Swipe through profiles of your Matches to find your Jam. When you and a Match both like each other, it’s a Jam. Chat with your Jams and discover new dining hot spots that you know you’ll both love.
Sign up as an Influencer
Note: You can only sign up as an Influencer once your permission request has been approved.
See ‘Submit an Influencer Permission Request’ for more information.

To sign up as an Influencer, login through your Instagram account to create a basic profile and start contributing content. Upload food pics from your phone and instantly add to the Eats+ feed on the app. A food pic can feature any food item from mouth-watering appetizers and entrees to tantalizing desserts to sassy cocktails and bevvies.

For more on adding food pics see ‘Adding Food Pics’ under ‘Photos’.
I lost the sign-in link. How do I get it back?
You can request a new link to be sent to you by contacting us at
You will receive a new link within 24 to 48 hours.
Submit an Influencer permission request
To become an Influencer, you must first submit a permission request form. Influencer roles are typically reserved for bloggers, service providers and/or businesses. You can submit a permission request directly through the PB&J app, available on iOS and Android.

To submit a request form sign up with your Instagram account. Once logged in, select the ‘Influencer Role’ button and follow the steps.
What if I’m a restaurant?
Restaurants are people too. Register as an Influencer to get your menu on PB&J.

See 'Sign Up as an Influencer' and 'Submit an Influencer Permission Request' for more detailed instructions.

You can always request an Influencer role through our website by clicking on 'I'm a restaurant. Get me started.'
I want both. Can I sign up as a User and an Influencer?
Yes, you can. For detailed instructions see Sign up as a User and Sign up as an Influencer.
To access the features of both roles, make sure you are logged in with both your Facebook account (User role) and your Instagram account (Influencer role).
I don’t have a Facebook account. Can I still use PB&J
Yes, you can always take a tour of the app without logging in to get a feel for how it works. But in order to access all of the User features of the PB&J app, you need to login through Facebook.

Our team is working on getting you more ways to login to PB&J. For more information and updates, sign up for our newsletter at or directly through the app by selecting the Dashboard icon from the home screen on the app > Edit Profile > check the notification box.
Can a User login through Instagram instead of Facebook?
No, a User can only login through Facebook.
Can an Influencer login through Facebook instead of Instagram?
No, an Influencer can only login through Instagram.

Profile and Settings

How do I edit my profile?
Your PB&J profile is created for you based on your Facebook profile (User account) or Instagram profile (influencer account). All of the information on your PB&J profile, except for your name and age, can be edited directly on the app.

To make changes to your profile, go to the ‘Dashboard’ icon < home icon > from your home screen > Edit Profile > follow the prompts.
How do I change my name/age?
Your basic information including your name and age is pulled from your Facebook profile. If you want to change to this information, you need to log into your Facebook account and make the necessary changes there. These changes will instantly be updated on your PB&J profile.

If you don’t see the changes you made on your PB&J account right away, try logging out of your PB&J account and then log back in.
Can I add more information about myself on my PB&J profile?
Of course! You can always go to the ‘Dashboard’ icon < home icon > from your home screen > Edit Profile > add more information and show off your personality.
How do I select my gender on PB&J?
To select your gender on PB&J, go to the Dashboard icon < home icon > from your home screen > Edit Profile > scroll to “Gender” and make your selection.
How is my location detected? Can I change it?
PB&J automatically detects your location from your phone’s GPS service. If you find the location is detected incorrectly, please contact our support team at Unfortunately, you cannot change your location manually at this time.
How do I delete my account?
If you are a user signed up with only Facebook, please contact us at and we'll assist you in deleting your account from PB&J. It’s important to note that once you delete your account, you will permanently lose your matches, jams, messages and other information associated with your account.

If you choose to sign back up with PB&J after deleting your account, a new account will be created for you.
Be aware that deleting or uninstalling the PB&J app does not delete your account.

If you are an influencer on PB&J, please refer to our Terms of service for further information on our account delete policy.


What is a Food Pic?
Food pics are photos of food and drink items that are displayed on your Eats+ feed. You will only be shown food pics that are relevant to you based on your location.

PB&J creates Matches for you based on your proximity to other Users, and your mutual likes and dislikes of food pics.
Adding Food Pics
Upload /assets directly from your phone to the Eats+ feed. Just tap on the quick add button <plus icon> at the bottom of your home screen on the PB&J app. From here you can load your photo and include location, venue and item name. To stop there, tap ‘Add’, and you’re done! To include more details with your image select ‘Advanced Item Options’ and follow the prompts.

Note: Only Influencers can add food pics to the Eats+ feed. To find out how to become an Influencer see ‘Submit an Influencer permission request’.
Can a User add Food Pics?
No, only Influencers can add food pics. See ‘Sign up as an Influencer’ and ‘Submit an Influencer permission request’ for more.
Why am I not seeing Food Pics or Matches near me?
PB&J shows you food pics and Matches based on your geo location. If the app doesn’t detect any food pics or Matches in your precise location, then it will display food pics and Matches from the next nearest location.

You always have the option of changing your distance preferences. Tap the ellipsis at the top right of the main screen > Preferences > Change Distance Preference.
Are the photos on PB&J moderated?
All the photos on PB&J undergo a content moderation process to ensure the PB&J community remains a safe and fun platform for its users. An image may be removed due to:
(1) image quality - photos that are distorted or unclear, or contain any text overlay or extreme filters (2) irrelevant or inappropriate content - photos that do not serve the interests of PB&J users, are sexually explicit, or seek to impersonate someone other than yourself.

See our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more.
If you believe you were ever wrongfully removed from PB&J because another user reported you unfairly, we invite you to share your concerns with us. Send us an email at with the link to your Facebook profile (User account) or your Instagram profile (Influencer account) and the email address associated with your PB&J account. Our team will review your concerns and work to resolve the matter.


What is a Match?
Matches are generated for you based on your location and the food pics you like. To view your matches, tap on the Match icon <heart icon> at the bottom of your home screen. Swipe through your matches to find your Jam.
Can I retrieve a Match that I swiped left on?
No can do. Once you swipe left on someone the action is irreversible.
Can an Influencer get Matches and Jams?
In order to get Matches and Jams, you need to login to the app as a User through your Facebook account. See ‘Sign Up as a User’ for more.
Can I chat with a Match?
No, only Jams can chat. A Match becomes a Jam when two matches have indicated a mutual interest in one another.


What is a Jam?
A Jam is when you and a Match both like each other by swiping right. You can only chat with people you Jam with.
To view your jams, tap on the message icon at the bottom of your home screen.
How do I chat with my Jams?
Once you Jam with a Match you can start messaging one another right away from your from your chat window <message icon>.
You can revisit any conversation by going directly to your chat window <message icon>.
How do I block a Jam?
To block a Jam, go to their profile, tap on the menu icon and select ‘Block’.
Do my Jams expire?
Heck no, your jams do not expire. Once you find your Jam, no one can stand in your way.


Can I unblock someone I have blocked.
Nope. Once you have blocked someone they will no longer appear in your directory.
See our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more at
How do I report someone?
To report another user, go to their profile, tap on the menu icon and select 'Report'.
To report a food pic, go to the image, tap on the menu icon <ellipsis icon> and select 'Report'.
Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information at
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